'Last chance': EU leaders issue ultimatum to Britain over no-deal Brexit

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European Union leaders have warned Britain that it has one final opportunity to leave the bloc in an orderly fashion, after agreeing to delay the departure date beyond March 29.

The U.K. will be offered a delay until May 22, if lawmakers support Prime Minister Theresa May’s twice-rejected Withdrawal Agreement next week.

But, if Parliament votes against May’s embattled template to leave the bloc, the EU will support a shorter delay until April 12. This is designed to allow the U.K. time to get the deal through or indicate another way forward.

“This is perhaps the last chance for Britain to say what it wants for the future,” Belgium’s Prime Minister Charles Michel told reporters on Friday.

“More than ever, this is in the hands of the British parliament,” Michel said, as he arrived for the second day of an EU summit overshadowed by talks over Britain’s departure.



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