$1.5 billion Mega Millions winner claims jackpot—here's why it's smart for them to stay anonymous

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A South Carolina resident has come forward to claim the $1.5 billion Mega Millions jackpot from last October, the largest payout to a single winner in U.S. history.

The winner has decided to keep their identity a secret. That’s wise, experts say.

While coming into money can be exhilarating, youmight not want to “shout this life-changing news from the rooftops,” says Rich Ramassini, a certified financial planner and the director of strategy and sales performance at PNC Investments.

Instead, keep a low profile and tell only a few people you’re close to, if that’s possible, because “money can change, disrupt or end relationships,” Ramassini says. “It can lead to you hearing from relatives or friends you never knew existed.”

Tomorrow Rodriguez, who won $1 million on “Deal or No Deal” in 2008, says she still hesitates to talk about her winnings for that reason: “The worst part of winning


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