Airport officials confident terminal will open mid-fall, call sewage repairs 'minor'

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Inside of the board room at Armstrong International Airport, there’s of optimism from contractors and staff that progress is being made at the new terminal. 

“We got the sewer breaks that we’re working very hard on and I’m glad to report that about 88 percent of the actual plumbing pieces has been repaired and inspected by inspectors,” Construction Manager Charlie Prewitt said. 

Exclusive photos and video show massive holes cut into the terminal foundation on the ground floor, some plunging deep into the dirt to make those repairs. 

There have been more than 100 breaks in sewage pipes under the terminal. 

But officials are downplaying it, saying sewage pipes breaks expected on major projects like this one, and calls the issue “minor.” 

“As we move into the next two to three weeks that’ll all behind us,” Charlie Prewitt said. 

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