BP's vision of the near future sees renewable power and natural gas dominating energy

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In a not-too-distant future, renewable energy becomes the world’s biggest source of power generation. A quarter of the distances that humans travel by vehicle will be in electric cars. U.S. dominance in the oil market begins to wane, and OPEC’s influence is resurgent, as crude demand finally peaks.

That is the vision laid out by British oil and gas giant BP on Thursday in its latest Annual Energy Outlook. The closely followed report lays out a vision through 2040 for Earth’s energy future, provided government policy, technology and consumer preferences evolve in line with recent trends.

BP forecasts that the world’s energy demand will grow by a third through 2040, driven by rising consumption in China, India and other parts of Asia. About 75 percent of that increase will come from the need to power industry and buildings. At the same time, energy demand will continue to grow in


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