Diarrhea, loss of smell and appetite commonly reported in coronavirus patients

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NEW ORLEANS — The Center for Disease Control shows common symptoms of COVID-19 as cough, shortness of breath and a fever, but patients are also reporting some unusual symptoms.

While they’re not yet identified by the CDC, it’s enough to catch the attention of medical professionals.

Digestive issues like diarrhea are the most prominent. Reports show diarrhea has been seen as the first symptom in up to 50% of COVID-19 cases.

Also, headaches, dizziness and severe confusion or fatigue may be signs, but know that experiencing these alone does not necessarily mean you’re positive for the virus.

Another possible symptom is pink eye, or conjunctivitis. Often associated with viruses, it’s been found in a small number of people with coronavirus.

A loss of smell and taste – anosmia — is another possible symptom. About 30% of cases in South Korea involved the loss of taste and smell.

This is still being studied, but there are theories the virus may either cause nasal swelling or damage the nerves in our nose. It’s often associated with less severe cases of COVID-19.

As experts dive deeper into the virus so will their understanding of it and the symptoms behind it.

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