Investor’s Business Daily and TechnoMetrica Find Interest in Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles, But Also Concerns

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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Investor’s Business Daily (IBD), a leading financial news and research organization, and TechnoMetrica, a nationally recognized research firm, today announced the results of the 2019 Investor’s Business Daily/TIPP Electric Vehicle Outlook Study. The report was designed to measure consumer interest and preferences regarding electric and alternative fuel vehicles and compare the current findings with similar research conducted in 2014.

“This report highlighted a number of changes in Americans’ sentiment towards electric vehicles over the past five years, most notably that automakers have some work to do to convert interest into action,” said Jerry Ferrara, president of IBD.

Factors Determining Electric Vehicle Demand

According to the new report, EVs make up just 1% of all vehicles on U.S. roads, a slight gain from 2014. Nearly one-quarter (23%) of U.S. drivers have expressed an interest in acquiring an electric vehicle, up from 17% five years ago.

However, topping


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