KCC to Lead Parts Manufacturing Market for Green New Deal Policy With Pneumatic and Hydraulic Technology

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SEOUL, South Korea–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In line with the Korean government’s ‘Green New Deal’ policy announced on the 7th, KCC Co., Ltd. will embark on implementing an aggressive business strategy to dominate the market by supplying key parts for renewable energy and electric vehicles.

KCC’s B10 Series from the secondary battery production line, a core of electric vehicles, is an essence of state-of-the-art technologies developed to meet the market demand. KCC’s Pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders, grippers, air clean units, and vacuum ejectors, etc. are the parts used in the manufacturing of secondary batteries.

KCC’s key products are pneumatic/hydraulic parts including pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders used for transportation system and pneumatic solenoid, which regulates battery operation through control of the air.

The company has been supplying the products to a wide range of facilities, such as Seoul subway lines, semiconductor factories, and automotive and steel factories. This is a result of KCC investing 10–15% of


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