Local police, federal agencies find $240,000 in marijuana in Gert Town storage unit

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NEW ORLEANS — Local police and federal agencies worked together Thursday to find and confiscate more than 120 large bags of marijuana in a New Orleans storage unit.

Around noon Thursday in Mississippi, deputies with the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office stopped a car driven by Kao Choy Saechao for a traffic violation, finding roughly 32 pounds of marijuana, containers of liquid THC, pounds of THC wax and about $4,000 in cash.

Police also found two keys that looked like storage unit padlock keys.

An investigation informed police that Saechao had flown to New Orleans and visited 888 Storage in Gert Town before heading to Mississippi to meet two people.

Alongside members of New Orleans Police Department’s Task Force A, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy got a search warrant for the storage unit where they found 121 large bags of marijuana that weighed 1-3 pounds each.

NOPD officials said this


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