Self-made millionaire: 'Following your passion is bulls—' — do this instead

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Self-made millionaire and serial entrepreneur Scott Galloway says there are two critical secrets to success: Following your passion is “bulls—,” and pick a good life partner.

“[Return on investment] and sex appeal are inversely correlated. What do we mean about that? Simply put: Don’t follow your passion,” Galloway, who sold his company L2, Inc., reportedly for over $130 million, tells CNBC Make It.

Instead, focus on your talent. “Find out what you’re good at and then invest 10,000 hours in it — and become great at it,” Galloway says.

Telling people to “follow their passion” is popular advice, but Galloway, who is also a marketing professor at New York University Stern School of Business, doesn’t buy it.

“People often come to NYU and say, ‘Follow your passion’ — which is total bulls—, especially because the individual telling you to follow your passion usually became magnificently wealthy selling software


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