Tropical Depression 5 forms in central Atlantic

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NEW ORLEANS — *Since the recording of this video forecast, Tropical Depression 5 formed in the central Atlantic and the NHC highlighted the wave in the Gulf with a 10% chance for development.

In the tropics: The wave in the Gulf has no real potential for development, although the NHC no highlighting what had looked to be the case yesterday. What started as an upper low ahas translated down to the surface. however, that window of opportunity for development is small and thaey are only giving it a 10% chance over the next few days. After that it will be over land. Elsewhere things are starting to heat up. Invest 98 is just off the coast of Miami in the Atlantic. The NHC is giving this wave a 70-90% chance for development in the coming days, but will remain off the US East coast. In the central Atlantic, Invest 99


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