Trump clarifies 'personal meeting' tweet, suggests Xi should meet Hong Kong protesters

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    President Donald Trump on Thursday said he has “no doubt” that Chinese President Xi Jinping could bring an end to the unrest in Hong Kong by meeting face-to-face with the protesters.

    Trump said this in a tweet Thursday morning, less than a day after he first appeared to propose that a “personal meeting” between himself and Xi could bring a speedy end to “the Hong Kong problem.

    All aspects of the U.S.-China relationship have come under intense scrutiny, as the escalating trade war Beijing and Washington roils global markets and tensions ratchet up between mainland China and protesters in semi-autonomous Hong Kong.

    Trump has been criticized for taking an ambiguous stance on the Chinese government’s handling of Hong Kong, where hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets originally to protest divisive extradition bills supported be Beijing.

    Fights have occasionally erupted at the protests, and the threat of increased violence has hovered over the demonstrations,  which have included storming government buildings and occupying airports.

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