Watch: Video of gunpoint police stop of NY Yankees general manager Brian Cashman released by cops

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Police in Connecticut on Wednesday released body camera footage that shows cops making a gunpoint stop of New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, whose car was still mistakenly reported as being stolen last week.

The video shows the 52-year-old Cashman calmly exiting his Jeep Wrangler at a Darien, Connecticut, gas station, with his hands raised in the air, as the officer yells at him to get out of the vehicle during the stop last Friday.

“Driver turn off your car and put your hands up!,” the Darien police officer yells on the video, which shows him pointing his pistol in Cashman’s direction.

“Put your hands out the window! … Open your door with your hand from the outside, please!”

Another cop also had his weapon trained in Cashman’s direction.

Cashman, at the instructions of police, turned around facing in the opposite direction of the police, and walked backwards toward them, with his hands outstretched.

The Bronx Bombers executive Cashman had reported his Jeep stolen a week earlier from his home in nearby Norwalk. After it was recovered by police in New York and returned to Cashman, New York cops never removed the vehicle from a list of stolen vehicles.

Cashman told Hearst Connecticut Media on Monday that he was headed to the Norwalk Police Department to have the Jeep checked for evidence when he was stopped by Darien cops.

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“I started to pull out when two SUVs from Darien Police blocked me from exiting from the front, and they closed the Post Road,” he said.

“They asked me if I was driving my vehicle because it was still reported as stolen,” he said.

Cashman told the outlet that he got out “without rash movement” as officers instructed.

“They were very professional,” he said. “Once they got my ID, and searched my car, they realized,” Cashman said.

“Ultimately, if I was a Darien resident, I’d feel good about being protected,” Cashman said. “If you are stopped, just do what what you are told. It will all work out. Let them complete


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